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I love my world as it brings me holy happiness and harmony. Life is amazing. Life is beautiful! I have to be thankful for every moment of this beautiful life. I do love my life!

I wish everyone to be happy now and cherish every moment of this beautiful life!

Looking back to my past, I have been always working hard all my life. I graduated from Military University in 1986 and have got a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Degree Level 8. In the rank of lieutenant I had started my working experience doing maintenance and repairs of advanced military aircrafts and aircraft simulators. My duties were to keep all electrical, radio and weapons equipment of my modern military aircrafts regiment in perfect condition and order. I was working as an electrical technician and electrical engineer for more than 20 years.

Life is so amazing and full of surprises!

So one day, I moved to New Zealand with my family. I started to work as an electrician there. It was a great experience in domestic and industrial fields. I brought my skills and knowledge to this country which I do like so much.

There was another turn and step in my life.

I moved to Australia with my family. Australia is amazing and nice country! And now I am happy working as an electrician, electrical service technician/electrical engineer who can fix your broken appliances or do some installation, maintenance or repairs of any household items.

ISB Electrical is a family owned Gold Coast based business and has over 30 years of experience in this residential and commercial industries.

ISB ELECTRICAL provides both domestic and commercial electrical services. Anything from wiring in new houses to renovations, electrical system repairs and much more. We are happy to do any job, whether it be big or small.

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